Pre-congress academy workshops

Date: July 5th 2021

Quality of life- where have we come to and where should we be going?

Professor Emeritus Roy Brown and Professor Ivan Brown

The workshop will examine the gains made in understanding and conceptualising quality of life for persons with intellectual disabilities and how it should be moving forward. Participants will consider new avenues for research focus for the next decade and how to increase application and value of QOL evidence in practice including family and society influenced by experts by experience perspectives

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Fee € 25,00

Time: 15.30 (CET)

Health literacy in people with intellectual disability (ID); tools for improvement

Dr Gerda de Kuijper, Dr Esther Bakker van Gijssel and Dr Janneke den Besten-van Ravenswaaij

The workshop will address issues around 1. enhancement of health literacy in individuals with ID and self management of health and 2. how to improve decision making in pharmacological treatments.

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Fee € 40,00

Time: 13:30 (CET)

Collaboration in inclusive research

Paula Sterkenburg, Sofie Sergeant, Mirjam Wouda, Henriëtte Sandvoort, Mark Meekel, Yvonne Schillenans, Leroy van der Kust, Evelien van Wingerden, Tessa Frankena, Alice Schippers

The workshop will be run jointly with experts by experience and will discuss how to include people with intellectual disabilities in research

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Fee € 40,00

Time: 12:30 (CET)

Trauma and the whole family – the importance of working with a trauma informed approach

Dr Noelle Blackman and Dr Rosie Creer

In the UK an important part of the NHS Long Term Plan and Implementation Framework includes a commitment to recognise the impact of psychological trauma on the lives of individuals and families and a recognition that there is a need for a more trauma focused and informed approach to the care and support of children and adults in proactive support and in crisis, in local communities and in inpatient mental health settings. This presentation will describe the trauma informed approach that Respond a specialist psychotherapy NGO has developed over the last three decades. In particular their work in bringing a systemic focus to supporting an adult or child referred to the service

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Time: 11:00 (CET)

Support across the reproductive life course for parents with IDD

  • Dr Marjorie Aunos
  • Dr Hilary Brown
  • Dr Monika Mitra
  • Dr Willi Horner-Johnson
  • Dr Patsie Frawley
  • Dr Margaret Spencer
  • Dr Susan Collings
  • Dr Marja W. Hodes

Researchers and practitioners from several countries who have conducted research on some elements of the reproductive life course of parents with IDD will be invited to participate in this workshop. Their contributions have been essential to the growing of the field of parenting by persons with IDD.

ZOOM support

Fee € 40,00

Time: 11:00 (CET)

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