Please note that the IASSIDD programme times are local times in Amsterdam, which is Central European Time (CET). You may like to use a time converter to obtain the correct times for your location (e.g.


The opening, the live sessions (roundtables, workshops and symposia) and keynote debates are recorded and will be displayed on the platform. You can find them during the congress on the platform in the “On demand 5-8 July” tile. AFTER the congress, all registered participants will receive an email with a link, to watch all recordings (including the oral & poster presentations) of the congress. This link is accessible until September 1st 2021

Abstract Book

It is possible you will note some differences between the abstracts included in this special issue of JARID and the presentations available during the conference.

First, all entries in the conference proceedings were lightly edited for English usage, grammar and spelling.

Second, between the time copy for the special issue went to press and the conference dates, some presenters found that they were unable to present. In some cases their research will be presented by a colleague, in other cases (such as non-registration for the conference) a presentation may not be available.

Thank you to all our conference presenters!

CLICK HERE for the Abstract Book!


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